Tony AspromonteTony Aspromonte, Chief

I have the distinct pleasure and honor to be the current Chief for Mancos Fire and Rescue.  
My fire service with the Volunteers since 1984 . 

Mancos Volunteers work to bring best  people for job that calls for deadication and an organization to meet the future challenges of our community.  We will recognize the talents and strengths of our members, providing them the equipment and opportunities to be well trained and proficient in their jobs.  We will establish priorities with consensus while working on mutual goals and objectives. 

Respect will be earned with each member being accountable to the department, the community, themselves, and their partners.  We must understand that we all are here to serve the community.  The fire fighters and medics must do their job and do it well, superseding individual priorities.  All are team members working together for one purpose: the community’s health and safety.

The overall success of our department is dependent on the correct mixture of talented, dedicated and capable fire fighters, medics, support staff and our Boards.  This balance is essential to our department’s needs assuring that the best possible job will be accomplished. 

Together we will create a department that provides the community with a readiness to act, ability to perform, and direction towards prevention and education, all with the compassion and caring the public has come to expect.

I will make myself available to you to discuss any issues, concerns or compliments that you would like to share.


Chief Aspromonte